M-80 Chicken


M-80 Chicken is a Nashville-style fried hot chicken sandwich food truck located in Missoula, Montana. Nick Jackson, aka The Chicken Man, opened the truck in 2020 and quickly became the go-to spot for a hot chicken sandwich.

We got together when he was first starting out to take shots of the opening menu. It was an exciting time! The menu was being finalized, paperwork was processing, and his iconic spot at the South Kettlehouse Brewery was even secured at the start of our shoot.

The images we created at that shoot have served M-80 time and time again, from their online menu to gift cards to an advertisement on the big screen at the local movie theater.

Below are some examples of the images used on their website's ordering system and DoorDash

More than just a menu image

Not only are menu images powerful deciding factors for online orders, but they can also be repurposed for a lot of marketing uses!

M-80 regularly uses these images to make announcements on social media, as the image on their menu scan card, and as the image on their giftcards.

Menu QR Cards

Some of my favorite ways they've used these images is in their advertising!

These cards are attached to the tables at the neighboring brewery so that customers can order from the table while sipping on their beers.

On the Big Screen

This was an ad they ran across at the local movie theater. The image was projected onto the screen for viewers to see before the start of a film during an event they partnered up for.

Here's us getting that shot!


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