Emma Zilber

Emma Zilber is a food and product photographer for brands redefining the food industry and using business as a force for good. Based in Missoula, Montana she creates images from her studio for brands nationwide. 

Looking at my plate I see so much more than the meal placed before me. I see the packaging of the ingredients: the resources that went into it and how it was disposed of. The distance each ingredient traveled to make its way into my kitchen. The life and conditions of the people who farmed the produce and welfare of the animal. The food industry has an undeniable effect on and responsibility to the people it serves and those who serve it.

From compostable packaging to new plant-based options and more humane conditions, I see innovation and change thriving in today’s food industry. My goal is to help drive forward the change-makers with standout imagery. 

How can I help you make your impact?

Please get in touch by filling out the form below or send me an email at hello@emmazphotography.com

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